Our Secrets

Penning down my thoughts after such a long time. Which is completely justified considering the rare amount of pieces that I have been producing with Soul of Life lately. Oh well! Let’s just focus on what I am so anticipated to talk about and what I feel all of us should think about sooner or later in our lives.

We all have secrets right? Some ugly , annoying , exciting , sweet , guilty filled and sometimes even powerful secrets that we keep in our hearts or perhaps share with someone who we trust with complete heart n soul. With time , we keep developing more n more of them and when it gets difficult for us to hold that burden, we either talk about it with some third person or we share it away publicly on our social platforms without mentioning any names , yet revealing someone’s really intricate information.

So there are types of secrets I believe that exist. There are person to person secrets , Secrets to self secrets, Written secrets, and there are person to GOD secrets too. Lets talk about them one by one and see their impact on our lives.

Person to Person Secrets :

Very simple! You got your best friend/sibling/cousin/partner with whom you are closely connected and share bits n pieces of information about yourself, about your other friends, your family and you talk about secret life missions or ambitions too. This involves a thought process. You choose to share what you share. Its like you are volunteering yourself. Whereas on the receiving end, you may not find that level of comfort with you for sharing the same. Or perhaps there is synergy. Hence this give n take results in a lot of unburdening but some information may be registered for later conversations and can go against you.

Secrets to Self :

There are some things, some habits, some deep down desires that we have feel discomfort disclosing to anyone. There is also a possibility that these secrets are negligible and you don’t give them much importance hence you say, why bother? This could also be a result of your introvert or shy nature. May be you are more passive ? Also the last possibility is over confidence in knowing yourself so much that you feel like you know exactly your way around that thought but it might not be true in few cases.

Written Secrets :

I find these really intimidating for some reason. They might come in the category of mutually exclusive secrets between Person to person and Secrets to Self. Some of the stuff would be common but here is the deal about Written secrets.
We pour our thoughts on a paper under different circumstances. Perhaps we are elated with joy and thinking no one else would understand our happiness, hence we decide to pen that down. We go through heartbreaks and failure , leading to our isolation and sobbing sessions, compelling us to pen down our frustration. We write enmity, pride, anger, honesty and sometimes our good deeds too.
In the world of Social connectivity through online mediums, it gets difficult to differentiate between what is being shared publicly and what is private. So written secrets exist but are rare.

Person to GOD secrets :

THE BEST ONES! These might sound crazy and some of you may be in disbelief of these secrets but once you get the hang of your connection with Almighty, this will all make sense. There are secrets between you and GOD. You speak to Him. He answers you back. That way and mode of communication needs to be established between you and Him beforehand. If you tell Him a certain way to answer you, He will answer you.
These types of secrets can be used to establish amazing deals with GOD, conversations, laughter and sadness sessions, the war between good and evil. You name it and this particular kind of Secret has it all for you. The key is NOT to involve any other entity in this relationship. No third party contact.
I also believe that GOD shares HIS secrets too. We all know his impeccable love for the humanity and all of us. So HE keeps revealing tiny little hints for us to identify as we move on in lives finding the right path, the right track, striving towards peace and success. HE is sharing a secret somewhere. Giving you HIS precious time, something out of the uncountable wisdom HE possesses. Listen to HIS beats! Feel HIS signals!


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