Degrees of self esteem.

Ever wondered how it would be like to work as a waiter at a fancy restaurant? I am sure none of us see the other side of the picture rather make conscious decisions completely on the basis of how we feel and how we perceive the world. 

I was sitting at a restaurant having my anniversary dinner with husband and suddenly I started looking around people who come in all shapes and sizes and depending upon what their pocket can afford, they choose the place to eat. I asked him ‘To what extent these waiters have to lower down their self esteem?’ to which he replied ‘Too much’ and then he added saying ‘This is the reason why we are supposed to pay them respect and be nice to them and not only this will make them happy but we will get good service in return’. I nodded and started looking around again. I felt miserable being treated so royally at that time. Although there is nothing wrong in spending when you can but i tried taking my self esteem to that level and I failed miserably. It isn’t an easy task to please complete strangers the entire day, asking them how they are, what would they like to eat, putting up with their insensitive behavior, cleaning up their tables and picking the empty dishes, getting harassed and sometimes even getting abused. 

The point to ponder is the fact that they are as equally human as we are. They are born the same way as we did. These mere differences of economic standards generally do not exist in reality rather self created. And think about it like this. These people are there to serve you not because they like having such economic standing but they need to earn bread and butter for their families. 

Similar is the case with our aircraft crew. Be it men or women. They have to approach every single passenger to assist them when they need help. Some passengers call them Just for the heck of it. Some passengers harass air hostesses and touch them inappropriately. Sometimes they have to hear ridiculous comments about themselves in terms of how they look and how they talk. Although they are the ones who make our Journey far more comfortable than we can imagine. Ever imagined how this makes them feel about themselves? 

I can quote tons of examples here including hospitality staff in hotels, helpers and ushers in conferences, salesmen and saleswomen, beggars, Children and adults selling stuff on bus stops and in traffic Jams and sweepers. There are many more people around who literally have to bring down their self esteem to such a level in order to make our lives comfortable. Do we know them? Do they know us? No. But they are doing a favor to you and they should be regarded for this. Don’t mistreat them. Don’t Judge them. Don’t yell at them. Respect is defined to be everyone’s possession rather than being gifted to chosen ones. 

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A letter to Arfa…

My Dear Arfa!

I wish I would have met you at least once so I could gather just that bit of inspiration from you that made you so connected with your homeland, Pakistan. Nevertheless, you left us at such a time when the nation needed to learn from you. Needed to learn the sincerity, passion, aspiration and the aim to dream high and striving to put it together. When you talk to GOD, let him know that you wanted to do so much for all your friends here but you didn’t get enough time. Don’t be harsh to HIM my dear because you know what? HE knows that your friends are going to make all your dreams come true. Arfa! you have made all the daughters realize that they can make their parents feel proud in front of everyone. You have made all brothers realize that sisters are the best friends they can have around who will always be there to help their bros out. You are special and special people have lots of things to achieve in this world and hereafter. May be you have a better task to do and that’s the reason why you left us. I am just saying this to hold my tears honey! I’ll rise up everyday thinking about your bright smile that you gave in all your interviews, all your pictures. And those shining eyes that had held enormous dreams in them, waiting to come true in a blink. Oh dear! the way you sang Anokha Ladla in one of your interviews, it just made me so proud of knowing you. I miss you!

Keep shining in the heavens! And yeah, spread all the love there now!


An Admirer.


Here is another piece of poetry that I wrote in 3 nights. I tried to write something different this time, perhaps giving it a touch of romanticism. I have been reading Parveen Shakir these days so it might look like bit of her influence too.

Its called..


Mujhe Maloom hai tum Be-zarar baatein nahi karte.
Tumhare geet mere aks ki roodad kehte hain.
Mujhe tum ab bhi raahon mai kaheen awaaz dete ho.
Jo mera naam lete ho..
Tou sannaata kaheen chehre pe mere aa bikharta hai..
Mujhe bas thaam leta hai..
Mujhe tum youn satane ki ziyafat kiu nahi karte..
Muhabbat kiyun nahi karte?

Mujhe maloom hai tum mehfil-e-jaanan ki ronaq ho..
Jo mujhko hai nahi manzoor..
Kisi mehfil mai jo tum bin piye behka diye jaao..
Tou mere hee tasawur se tumhe mehsoos yun hoga..
yeh mera lams , mere qurb ka labrez pemaana..
Meri khushbu tumhe tab is qadar mehsoor ker de gee.
Ke tum apne tasawur ko bhi na pehchan paao ge..
Mujhe tum dagmagane ki shararaat kiyun nahi karte..
Muhabbat kiyun nahi karte?

Kabhi mai rooth jaaun bin bataye tum se aye janaan,
Ke soz o gham se meri ankhen bhi pur-namm si ho jayen..
Tou yeh mehsoos hota hai ke tum aa ke manao ge.
Wo mera haath thamo ge, mujhe banhon mai bhar lo ge..
Magar mai naaz nakhron se tumhe pal pal satau gee..
Mai sab kuch bhool jau gee..
Jo tum shiddat se meri godh mai sar apna rakh ker yun,
Buhat ansoo bahao ge..
Mai tumse rooth jaau tou shikayat kiyun nahi karte?
Muhabbat kiyun nahi karte?

Mujhe maloom hai ke tum bare be parwah raahi ho..
Kaheen rokay nahi rukte..
Na tum ko manzilain manzoor hain na raaste manzoor.
Ajab hai daastan yeh bhi..
Tasalsul torr do is waaste ke mai behel jaau,
Zara see mai sambhal jaau..
Woh umeedain, woh ranjishain, shanasayee-o-bandishain..
jala ke mai bhi jal jaau, pighal jaau..
Mai marr jau..
Mujhe tum bhool jaane ki Himaqat kiyun nahi karte?

Muhabbat kiyun nahi kerte?
Muhabbat kiyun nahi karte? 


I know I haven’t been really regular with my blog posts these days. Something or the other keeps coming up and these days I am working on updating my poetry collection that all of you shall witness soon. This piece is a recently written “Azad nazam” by me which I am uploading upon the request of a dear friend.

Its called..



Mai aksar puchta hun, sochta hun.
Haadson ke raaston mai,
yeh thikana jo mujhe ulfat ne zaiba hai kia,
kaghzi rishton ke haathon, apne dil ka nakhuda,
morna chahun bhi tou kuch baat banti hai nahi.
Aas thamti hai nahi.
Bas wujud-e-Zaat se shikwa kiye jata hun mai.
Bas bilakte ansoun se, hasraton se, ujlaton se,
Haadsati raaston pe chal ke dekha kijye.
Haadse yaksan nahi, yaklakht badal jayen ge.
Aisa socha tha kabhi.
Ik shanaasa mera bhi ho , aab deeda , saaiban.
Manchala madhosh sa.
Haadson ke perhan pe saath dene k lye,
Wo hama tan gosh ho.
Jis ke geeton ke hon markaz wo maraasim aaj bhi,
Jin pe chal ke zindagi sab rang pheeke kar gai.
Khushyan meri aarzi , wo noor karde shoq se.
Thaam le wo, dagmagau, mai kabhi , halaat pe.
Sehem jaae wo mere jazbaat ki rou dekh ke.
Phirr se ho ik haadsa mujhko rulane ke lye.
Kapkapane ke lye.
Tujhko paane ke lye.

Raaste ka haadsa…