What NOT to say to Others about you

Alot of us and specially women tend to degrade ourselves and feel low about ourselves because of the male dominated society that we live in. Some times our parents and family members also teach and preach us not to utter bad words or be disrespectful to men around us. There is a very subconscious behaviour that we tend to develop and linger on to and that is being submissive, self loathing, berating and hating our selves for what we like do or perceive which in fact is something ethically right to do or say.

Here are a few sentences that I would recommend each one of you ( Be it a guy or a girl ) not to say out loud in front of ANYONE except to Almighty and your own self. In fact don’t say it to your self either because constantly saying negative words and sentences to one’s self will not help in the healing process which I earlier talked about.

  1. I don’t trust myself anymore.
  2. I trust you more than I trust myself. ( HECK NO! You are the only person who you will and you should trust the most and NO ONE ELSE )
  3. I feel ashamed of myself. (Sympathy sign alert)
  4. I hate myself more than anything in this world.
  5.  I am a coward.
  6. I am miserable
  7. I am messed up. I keep messing up all the time.
  8. I am a hopeless case
  9. I am a retard and gone case. Don’t expect anything sane coming from me.
  10. I cannot forgive myself for what I did.
  11. I am a jerk.
  12. I will never be able to make anyone happy
  13. I am a doormat
  14. I have self esteem issues.
  15. My future is destroyed ( No you can’t predict what’s coming next buddy )

So how do you feel after reading all of these sentences? How many times have you said these to your best friends or loved ones or parents or anyone else? How did they react?

I’ll tell you some general reactions against these sentences. The sincere people who genuinely want you to come out of these little mindsets that you have created about yourself, will try to take you out and make you laugh, raise your spirits and give you warm hugs to make you feel better.

Then there are people , most of them , who will take advantage out of your weaknesses. Special special warning for girls out there. Never tell guys about your insecurities. Never. They will make sure they manipulate you, make you feel better and then try to convince you for something you are not comfortable with. The best suggestion is not to get exploited by anyone. Even if you have to lie to save it, do that. Your mental comfort is more important above anything else.




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